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Título Questions and answers about Cochlear Implant
Autor/es M陋 Teresa Amat and collaborators
Detalles Publisher: Federaci贸n AICE, Barcelona march 2010. ISBN 978-84-613-1537-6
With the collaboration of the Foundation "DIRE"
Información Since its inception, one of the main objectives of AICE is to disseminate truthful information about the cochlear implant. So it has always been to advise and respond to questions and issues that have come on the Cochlear Implant. But, although of course it is better known a few years ago, we noted that there is a lack of real information or, more worryingly, of disinformation about this technique, results and everything that surrounds him.
The preparation of the document needed to distinguish between the hundreds of issues that arise, what were the most important and profitable. But of course, is not intended that this book is "Manual" in capital letters, where all questions on all kinds of situations are answered. What has been tried is that the information given be careful and especially useful for the implanted and their families.

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